Please print and mail to Darlene Amundsen, 945 Ward Drive #150, Santa Barbara, CA 93111

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Due to COVID-19 - the current membership

year is extended
 Need participation in one event by end of 2022

Joining now: A $25 membership extends through 2022


(Additional changes may occur if the situation demands.)

Membership Application

 The Graduates is an organization of friends who want to extend the positive experiences of their membership in Santa Barbara Newcomers, and who qualify for membership upon Newcomers graduation. To keep The Graduates vital, meaningful and fun, applicant(s) must be willing to participate as an event chair or active event committee member each year
The Graduates board grants membership approval.

Graduates events will be announced to members by e-mail and web-page. Please furnish your e-mail address with this application.

All areas of the application need to be filled out completely by each person applying for membership (spouses or significant others qualify for membership along with the graduated applicant). Please send the completed application to The Graduates Membership Committee, c/o Darlene Amundsen, 945 Ward Drive #150, Santa Barbara, CA 93111, along with your check. Please make your checks payable to "The Graduates". You will be notified when your application is approved. The membership year is from January 1 through December 31. New members may join after August 1 for $12.50, or in December for $25.00 covering 13 months. After renewal notices are received, succeeding years' dues are required to be paid during January each year. 

Please use ink and print clearly.

Application Date ________  / ________ / ________     E-Mail Address _____________________________________________

Applicant Name(s) __________________________________________    ___________________________________________

Home telephone   (           ) _____________________                           Home Address / Mailing Address
Work telephone    (           ) _____________________
Cellular telephone(           ) _____________________                           Street ______________________________ # _______

Could you have Graduates events at your home?   Yes   No                  City ____________________________State ________
(Optional) - Birth Month and day _________________                            Zip _____________
(Optional) - For the "origins" map: From where did you move to Santa Barbara? _____________________________________

The following information is required for membership:

Date graduated from Newcomers        ________  / ________ / ________ 

References: please list three Newcomers or Graduates members as references. (Names and phone or email are preferred.)  
___________________________________    ________________________________   _________________________________

Please list offices held or committees served (include approximate dates if known)

List any special interests, activities or committees in which you would like to be involved, or a special way you would like to contribute to
The Graduates
(use the back of the form if needed). ______________________________________________________________________________________________________


The Graduates is a private club which urges members to drink responsibly
We look forward to welcoming you to membership!