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The Graduates is a private organization of friends who want to extend the positive experiences of their membership in Santa Barbara Newcomers and who qualify for membership upon Newcomers graduation. In order to keep The Graduates vital, meaningful and fun, applicant(s) must be willing to participate as an officer, event chair or active committee member at least once during each year of their membership. 

Memberships are approved by The Graduates Board of Directors. Acceptance to membership is for one year. Renewal is dependent upon the member's active participation and contribution to the organization.

The Graduates Mission Statement
To continue and extend friendships begun in the Santa Barbara Newcomers Club,
To continue to explore cultural, educational, recreational and charitable opportunities in our environment,
And to grow in good fellowship, good citizenship and good fun.

Operational Procedures
Communication is by email and web site, keeping costs and membership dues low. Member List, calendar and activities are protected by a username and password provided to members only. 
Members without e-mail services may receive Graduates information by U.S. mail.


The Graduates Who We Are Updated 12/20/19