Events Scrapbook Index
Tuesday Thursday
Stride by the Tide with SBNC 8:45am
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Waterfront Walk with SBNC 7:50am
First Monday
Party Bridge
Every Tuesday
Bike Ride - Longer Distances 9am
Every Wednesday
Bike RIdes - Shorter Distances - 9am
Fourth Wednesday, Feb-Aug
Wednesday Book Club - 2pm
28 March Happenings  
28 More March
30 April Flowers
19 More April News  
2 Musical Friends Danny and Brian YouTube
25 May Days Message  
 2 President's Message  
14 Dining-In Returns!  
21 Solstice Happy Hour at Rincon in the Funk Zone
22 Financial Roundtable
25 Message from President Denise Stevens
27 Private Wine Tasting at J Wilkes
1 Glass Etching at the New Craft Library
2 Calendar and Planning Update"
8 Sensory Museum Talk, Tour, Happy Hour
13 Dining-In
27 "Cash Cow" Happy Hour at Elsie's
27 Financial Roundtable  
28 Wednesday Book Club  
30 Live Music at Berkeley and Mike's Home
16 Happy Hour at Crush Wine Bar
17 Dining-In  
24 Financial Roundtable  
25 Wednesday Book Club  
25 Theater Rental for Aretha Franklin Movie
25 Notes and Suggestions for Late Summer
2 Activities Notes + Coming Attractions
9 Taqueria Dreams and Street Dancing
17 Dining-In - Two Houses
23 Azure Seas Happy Hour - Yacht Cruise
28 Wine Tasting with Richard and Amanda Payatt
30 Afternoon Book Club  
13 "Ripcord" - Live Comedy Play - Garvin
14 Annual Graduates Picnic - Goleta Beach
14 Afternoon Book Group
23 Artist Cocktail Reception: Paseo Nuevo Arts Gallery
26 Financial Roundtable
28 October Dining-In
8 Party Bridge
11 Afternoon Book Club
16 Comedy and Dinner - the Brass Bear
23 Financial Roundtable
1 Getting Creative: Painting Tiles
6 Easy Shopping at Locals' Collective
9 Afternoon Book Club
13 Party Bridge
13 Graduates Holiday Dinner-Dance
28 Financial Roundtable