Events Scrapbook Index
Each Monday
Mah Jongg with SBNC 2:00 pm
Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Waterfront Walk with SBNC 8:05am
Tuesday Thursday
Stride by the Tide with SBNC 8:45am
First Monday
Party Bridge
Every Wednesday
Bike Ride 9:00 am
Every Thursday
Italian Conversation Group
Last Wednesday, Jul-Oct
Financial Roundtable 5:00 pm May-Oct
Striders - with SBNC 8 am

1 New Year’s Day Social
8 Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
16 Afternoon Book Club
21 Margarita Monday
24 3rd Annual Girls’ Night Out - Game Night
11 Happy Hour Party at Endless Summer
12 Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
14 Direct Relief New Facility Tour
20 Afternoon Book Club
25 Graduates Events Brainstorming
10 “A Suitcase Demo”
12 Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
13 Night at the Museum(s)
20 “As the Page Turns”
20 Afternoon Book Club
3 Event Training Sessions
6 Event Training Session
6 Cheer for Freedom - Reading and Art Display
9 Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
11 Art and Architecture in the Afternoon
17 Goleta’s SAMsARA Winery Tour and Tasting
22 Happy Hour at the Hilton Rooftop Bar/Bistro
24 Afternoon Book Group
14 Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
20 Margarita Monday
28 Ladies’ evening out - “Dockside”
29 Wednesday Afternoon Book Group
29 Financial Roundtable
3 Happy Hour at the Bluewater Grill!
9 Graduates New-Member Social
13 Dining-In
19 Cocktails on the Mesa
26 Afternoon Book Group
26 Financial Roundtable
27 Girls Day Out in Los Alamos
28 Graduates’ Annual Vegetarian Social
9 Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
11 Dining-In  
14 Academy Festival + London Symphony Orch.
15 Margarita Monday
24 Wednesday Book Group
24 Docent Tour, SB Museum of Art
27 Bowling Night at Zodo’s
28 Brunch Appetizers & Drinks with Kathy and Garth
31 Financial Roundtable
3 Jazz Musicians from the Monterey Festival!
6 Annual Graduates Picnic
10 Dining-In
13 Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
19 Happy Hour at Endless Summer
25 Pizza by the Pool
28 Financial Roundtable
28 Wednesday Afternoon Book Group
5 Lunch at the Beachside
11 Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
12 Girls’ Night Out - Jewelry
18 Sunset, Waves and Wine
25 Financial Roundtable
25 Afternoon Book Group
26 Blues Cruise!
8 Second-Tuesday Afternoon Book Group
11 Dining In
13 Music Academy - Music in the Gardens
14 Happy Hour - The Good Bar
16 Afternoon Book Group
19 Kevin’s Local Beer Tasting
24 Spirits (grape) and Ghost Walk
30 Financial Roundtable
30 HICAP Medicare/Medigap Presentation
12 Tuesday Book Club
20 Wednesday Afternoon Book Group
2 Happy Hour, Hilton SB Beachfront Resort (Fess Parker’s)
10 Annual Holiday Dinner-Dance!
11 Dining-In for December
16 Holiday Sing-A-Long
18 Afternoon Book Group
19 Transition House Holiday Gift Wrapping